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Zoo-Max® is a Canadian venture established in 1989, at that time we imported bird food. With time we have developed are own manufacturing plant. For the past 25 years we are now manufacturing our own bird food well know in Canada under the trade name Fruitomax®, Vitomax®, Econo-Max®  and extruded food call Zoo-Max®.


In 1994, bird toys manufacturing became our new challenge. The toy line called Fun-Max®  takes no time to fly. In a short period, Zoo-Max®  toys are available in many countries like Canada, USA, Europe, Netherlands, Israel, Asia, Australia and more. The achievement of this line is well illustrated by the quantities of Zoo-Max®  knock-off available in the market place. Apparently, this is the price to pay for success. For more details on Zoo-Max®  bird toy replicas please visit our (knock-off) section.


Many consumers believe our toys are made in China. All Zoo-Max® products are manufactured in Canada. We cut the wood shapes, split the leather skins, cut the rope, dye the wood pieces; laser cut our own acrylic and subsequently assemble the toys.

Part of our assembly line is completed by specialized handicap Centres and Schools with children that have mental problems. Those organizations have time to time demonstrated their gratitude by giving us certificates.   or St-Hyacinthe School Board 2002 , 2001 and the SDEM2001. This picture is a demonstration of this interaction.

Our research & development is supported and recognized professionals in the aviary trade.
Many of you have lately shown concern about safety. It is understandable after the toy recalls from China. We would like to guarantee you that all our toys are safe because we control manufacturing. We know the type of coloring used for that reason we color the toys here in our facility. Please find our FDA certificate. That assures you the quality control and the safety of those colorants used.

Please note that we are one of the exceptional manufacturers that can offer direct customer service. All our products are tagged with our website address and telephone number. You have a problem, give us a call directly. We challenge you to try this with a toy made in China.

Since 1989

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USA/Canada: 1-888-996-6629

International: 450-771-0556